UC Halloween


Jim Lambert

Seniors Celebrate in Costume!

Kiera Mason, Staff Writer

Halloween has come and gone, but not without leaving lots of memories! So many spooky and scary costumes popped up in the halls, classrooms, and gathering areas at Union Catholic.

Vampires, skeletons, blow-up dinosaurs, and more were encountered in the Uc corridors. Students and faculty had loads of fun dressing up and guessing who was who. Many students chose to be part of costumed groups this year. M&M’s, Scooby Doo, Minions, and many more groups grabbed attention.

The Halloween activities were a big hit, especially after a couple of seasons of diminished Halloween fun due to Covid-19.! Loads of fun happened here at Union Catholic this October!

In the past, UC has had a tradition of a Halloween parade. The students (and faculty) would walk around the school to show off their costumes. Everyone has some good laughs, and judging the costumes even gets competitive. Some of the single costumes that everyone enjoyed last year were vampires, mummies, and cats. Some group costumes that were a big hit were M&M’s, Thing 1 and Thing 2, minions, and a bunch of others!
This year, students gathered according to class, and the costume judging took place online. There were categories for single costumes and group costumes. This Halloween, 2022, the costume contest winners were announced later in the week. Winnie the Pooh and friends took a prize for group costumes, and a plague doctor was voted the winner of the single costume category. All the costumes were so fun to look at! All of the students and faculty had a blast this Halloween.