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What to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

A Brief Guide for All Teenagers
What to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving
Photo by Stefan Vladimirov on Unsplash licensed under CC.

As November rolls by, the scent of turkey, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes drifts through the air as families around the country gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is when millions of people in America celebrate with their families and friends and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives.

Although the history of Thanksgiving in America is long and conflicting, the feeling and season of gratitude are the same. So, what can teenagers be thankful for on this year’s Thanksgiving? There are many blessings to count, such as food to eat, houses to live in, good health, and loved ones. Thinking about how fortunate you are this Thanksgiving can give teens a new perspective on this seemingly unimportant holiday and brighten their hearts even more.

The first thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving is having good health and living conditions. There are many people around the world of all ages and backgrounds who are helpless and suffering. Teens should take a minute every morning to truly appreciate how lucky they are to be in excellent physical condition.
Gratitude is a trait that many teenagers take advantage of, and they do not realize how lucky they are to be able to do the activities that they do.

The next thing that teens should always be grateful for is their supportive friends and loving family. Solid friendships and relationships are true blessings many people take for granted. Friendships are meaningful, especially for teens, because the teenage years are difficult, and having friends to support them along their journey is definitely something to be grateful for.

Along with having friends, having a loving and caring family that acts as a support system for
teens is another thing many people underestimate the luck of having. Family is the most important
gift and is the backbone of every person’s life. This Thanksgiving, teens should learn to appreciate
the love that their families give them. They can take a moment to thank their parents for all that they do
for them. Moreover, pets and animals are something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. The
unconditional love that pets give families is incomparable and definitely something to be thankful for.
Lastly, teens should give thanks for their homes this year. Having a roof above your head and a floor beneath your feet might not seem special, but considering the state of others who are less fortunate, having a house or place to live is something important to be thankful for on this holiday.

In recent years, teenagers have not been expressing their gratitude on Thanksgiving. They need to truly understand the meaning of this holiday and take for granted all that they should be thankful for. One high schooler remarked, “Thanksgiving is a pointless holiday.” It is unfortunate to hear this generation speak about important holidays in such negative ways. However, after genuinely embracing the holiday spirit of gratefulness and learning what to be thankful for, teens can make the most of their holiday and not think negatively of Thanksgiving. Spending time with family and friends and embracing their blessings can create a beautiful holiday togetherness. People all around America should work hard to bring the true meaning back to the holiday of Thanksgiving. Taking the time to recognize and genuinely reflect on the blessings and gifts of life brings authenticity to a seemingly dull holiday for teenagers. Starting with this list, teens can have a great holiday season and honestly appreciate more of their gifts in their everyday lives.

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