The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Erica Dines, Staff Writer

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is a happy time of year with lots of enjoyable activities. Family and friends can watch Christmas movies at home during the holiday season and attend Christmas performances, ice skating, and other festive activities. Watching Christmas movies with loved ones and friends can be comforting.
Why is it that Christmas movies are so popular? They are brimming with happy memories of simpler times in childhood. For some people, it triggers memories of pleasant, prior experiences as well as feelings related to those events and locations.
ABethel Baptist church member commented, “Christmas movies give me hope.” She was right. We all need to believe in all the good in the world at the end of every year, and Christmas movies help us do that. It is important to have hope in difficult circumstances; many movies inspire us to do that. The impact on our spirits keeps us returning to see the same movies that we know will bring joy.
Although there are many from which to choose, several holiday films have become classics. One of the most cherished Christmas movies for a very long time has been the well-known 1990 picture Home Alone. Chris Columbus and John Hughes collaborated to create the 1990 American holiday comedy. With everyone watching, Home Alone brought in more than a million dollars worldwide.
“My favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch,” said Anaya Register ’24. “It teaches you the spirit of the holidays. When you fail to appreciate others, you become a Grinch. People find reasons to complain instead of looking at the brighter side.”
Christmas movies are unique because they emphasize themes like generosity, kindness, love, and family. Every one of the big Christmas trees that appear in Christmas movies has significance. A wonderful image that captures the Christmas spirit is created by the joy in Christmas movies. Thanks to these joyous films, we can all bond and make special Christmas memories together.