Sports Score Big at UC


Jim Lambert

UC Boys Soccer Seeks Winning Season

Kiera Mason, Staff Writer

Sports are big here at Union Catholic High School. Its track and field teams are legendary, and soccer, tennis, and volleyball have huge followings. Union Catholic is all-inclusive. At Union Catholic, we have a lot to offer. In fact, Abigayle Mintrow ’23 commented that “as a transfer student, I came to Union Catholic unknown of their strengths in sports. I quickly learned how talented our school is with track! I did not know about Sydney, and I thought it was so cool to learn about her and even have her at our school.” Veronica Heredia ’23 commented that “Union Catholic’s athletics is something that is treasured and appreciated. Even though they are just games, we are taught to lift each other up and help out others by cheering for them.”

The UC Girls’ Soccer Team has won four games so far this season. Aria Hicks ’23 enjoys being part of the Union Catholic Girls’ Soccer Team and was lucky enough to be named captain. “We have had a good season so far; our best game was a 4-0 win against STA. We are continuing to get better each game and are looking forward to states,” said Hicks ’23. Seton Dill ’23 added that the girl’s “goalie has 85 saves this season, giving us a fighting chance in all our games. We have sadly undergone a lot of injuries from our players this season. Even with this, our lady Vikings continue to end their season off right.” Kurtis Blouin ’23 is a UC Boys Varsity Soccer Team member and shared that “over the past two months, we have really bonded as a team and found a new spark of energy. The entire soccer team hopes to end the season strong and believes that we can make a deep run in state’s.have been champions at many events.” 

The UC Volleyball Team has had more wins than losses. One of our UC Varsity Volleyball Team captains, Miranda Lemansky ’23 noted that UC is gaining momentum on the court “This season, we started slower than expected but picked up the pace rapidly. We are currently 14-7, falling to our rivals Scotch Plains and Westfield in very close 3-set games. We are fully prepared to see Scotch Plains and Westfield in the County Semi-Finals as well as the County Finals,” stated Lemansky ’23. Volleyball is just one of UC’s sports teams that have been exceptional in winning.

Cheerleaders are present at every home event to inspire athletes and spectators. Emma Ruela ’23 said that the cheerleaders’ 2022 fall season has been going really well. “This is our first season stunting since my freshman year, which was 2020. Our pep rally performance is tomorrow, and we have been working on it since August. We also have our first-ever competition in November,” shared an enthusiastic Ruela ’23.

Many are looking forward to the winter and spring sports seasons as well. Courtney Brizard ’23 shared that she is “most excited for the upcoming basketball season for the girls and boys. I am hopeful that the season will be better than it was last year. I enjoy watching their games. Seeing how much work it takes to play a sport makes me appreciate the sport and athletes more.”

UC is a place of triumph and excitement! The students enjoy playing their sports, and the bleachers are always in use when there are home matches for events!