Playa Bowls: A Delicious Jersey Success Story

Playa Bowls Store

Playa Bowls are tasty and refreshing, especially during the summer months.

Kiera Mason, Staff Writer

The smell of bananas and honey greets customers as they walk through the Door. The workers welcome hungry visitors and ask, “What can I get for you today at Playa Bowls!” Playa Bowls has been a business for many years. The restaurant’s food is always made with fresh fruit and sold at reasonable prices. Playa Bowls seem to be everywhere!
Playa Bowls are located in many areas of New Jersey. However, Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor Ocean County opened the first store in Ocen County. The Playa Bowls™ idea was the brainchild of its creators, longtime surfers, and Jersey Shore residents Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor. Giuliani grew up surfing in Ocean County, while Taylor grew up in Ocean Township, both in Monmouth County. The Ocen County location was just the beginning of their business. Playa Bowls has been a growing enterprise for a long time.
The store in Cranford, NJ, has become a popular spot. The venue is located right in the middle of the downtown area.The colors and signs are eye-appealing and attract many customers. As word spread of this creative and intuitive pop-up stand, more and more flocked to stand in line in Cranford and see what Playa Bowls was all about. The prices are reasonable and not overpriced. Many townspeople say that this spot is colorful and refreshing.
Crandford Playa Bowls
The Cranford location draws flocks of hungry customers.
Now, there are many Playa Bowl stores around the county and the world. Giuliani and Taylor, who started the whole business, were surprised by the growth and success of their stores. They thought that it would have been a tricky business to get going, but it turns out that many people love the refreshing food.
The Playa Bowl owners said they were inspired by traditional summer fare they found on surf trips to Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, California, and Hawaii. Almost every exotic surf town they visited offered its unique version of an acai or pitaya bowl. They decided to recreate their favorite recipes with their own twist at home at the Jersey Shore; the business took off from there.
With their affordable, refreshing treats, Play Bowls welcomes more and more customers daily. The staff at each location is welcoming and full of smiles. The fruit is always fresh, and making the bowls does not take much time. This treat is especially good when a cool down is needed in the summer. Giuliani and Taylor started a great business, bringing delicious food and satisfaction to many hungry customers.