New School Year, New School Rules

UC ID Badges a Must!


Jim Lambert

The Dove Bars Were a Hit!

Erica Dines, Staff Writer

On September 12, 2022, Union Catholic Regional High School started school back in full effect!
In this post-pandemic era, students returned to find new rules and regulations in place in the past month. When Covid-19 first hit, Union Catholic relaxed the student dress code and some of its other regulations. However, with the return to normality, the administrators decided to institute new rules and reinstate old ones for the safety of the school and the students.

On regular school days, students can wear all Union Catholic apparel; any non-uniform apparel is not allowed. School and sports hoodies and long-sleeved and short-sleeved polo shirts can be worn this year. Students must always wear their school-issued ID badge, so a teacher or administrator can quickly identify the individual as a Union Catholic student. The mandatory ID badges and other safety rules are to avoid dangerous situations. These measures set the tone for how students should come to school daily. Students should be aware that even on tag days, they still must dress appropriately for the classroom setting. Rules in the Cafeteria have also shifted; students can now sit four people at a table.

UC students are excited to be learning in person and are embracing the reduction of social distancing measures. The entire Union Catholic community is looking forward to a great year of academics, sports, and other school events. The September ice cream social in the senior courtyard was a great way to celebrate the return to school. Senior Serena Nguyen ’23 suggested that the ice cream gathering was a delicious social opportunity for students. “The ice cream social is one way for students in the same grade to get to know each other while enjoying a sweet treat. It is almost impossible for one to know everyone in their grade because not everyone will have the same classes as each other, but the ice cream social solves this issue in a fun, simple way, giving the students an icebreaker with the ice cream, along with the opportunity to make new friends,” said Nguyen ’23. Gabriela Bosak ’23 agreed: “The ice cream social was an amazing event to host at the beginning of the year when everyone is starting to renew old friendships that were lost over the summer. It allows freshmen to meet new faces, speak to new people, and jumpstart a social career at UC.”

UC’s senior courtyard also played host to the Fall College Fair, with a wide representation of colleges and universities setting up tables and displays to provide juniors and seniors with all there is to know about their institutions. UC senior Charlotte Murphy ’23 commented that the college fair was her favorite UC activity so far this year. “It was nice to learn more about the colleges I am interested in and spend time outside.”

In October, UC’s Fall Pep Rally gathered athletes and fans to UC’s gym for an afternoon of recognition and fun. UC lacrosse player Aidan Dursee ’23 will not see his season open until the spring; however, he said he was excited to honor our other athletes and looked forward to the pep rally to compete in the traditional volleyball tournament. Erini Dagiantis ’23 does not play on a team but will be an announcer for UC sports.  Dagiantis ’23 said she is “excited to take on this role being that I have never done it before. I am a little nervous, but I think it will be a fun experience. I hope the pep rally goes smoothly since it is one of the most exciting days here at UC [when] the school feels like we are one.”

Students look forward to more events bringing UC together as a community. Ashley Almeida ’23 commented, “I personally participate in the performing arts company and love it to bits! The directors are the greatest, and the environment is so lovely to work in.” The UC Fall Play is just around the corner, with opening night scheduled for November 4, 2022. Grace Romanyshyn ’23 commented that activities are an integral part of the UC community:  “Activities here at Union Catholic make me happy that I chose this school and remind me that I am a part of something that is greater than myself.”