Running Health and Nutrition


Erica Dines, Staff Writer

Do you ever wonder about any good supplements and nutritious foods for runners? Electrolytes and Pedialyte iron. These are all substances that many runners take due to increased thirst or low energy. Knowing what your body needs will help you perform at your best as an athlete.
Electrolytes are minerals in your blood and other fluids that carry an electric charge. When dissolved in water, electrolytes have an electrical charge. These are essential for the health of your muscles, nervous system, and overall body environment. If electrolytes are low in your body, it can cause muscle weakness, spasms, paralysis, and respiratory problems. Runners must do their best to prevent themselves from this happening. Therefore, they must take electrolytes to balance the amount of water in their body.
Iron supplements, a variety of iron formulations, including iron salts, iron pills, and iron supplements, are used to treat and prevent iron deficiency, including iron deficiency anemia. Only people with poor absorption or a diet deficient in iron are advised to use them as protective measures. Low iron levels can influence a runner’s race performance tremendously. Every runner is different, but you may feel dizzy or lack energy with low iron. It is crucial for runners to find the right iron supplement to use daily to improve their performance.
Essentially, not taking the right supplements for your body can affect a runner. Taking daily supplements will allow you to feel the difference in your body. Union Catholic Cross Country runner Anaya Register stated, “Running allows me to stay in shape in more than one way.” No runner or sprinter would ever want to give this up. Therefore, it is critical to listen to your body and take care of it, so you can have the advantage of staying in shape and doing what you love.